Mano, Yoga & Logistics

Mano has lived in Ibiza since 1992 and started her Yoga Journey 20 years ago.

‘As many of us, when I began to practice Yoga  I  just wanted to achieve the yoga postures, I was called by the body challenge. I got very passionate about it and very quickly I incorporated a daily Yoga practice into my life. Step by step I started to get into real practice of Yoga. I realized that Yoga is a way of living, a practice to apply every day in our relation with ourselves, with  others and with the planet.

Overcoming and accepting my physical and emotional limitations and having respect for others, with their own physical and emotional limits had been one of the main lessons.

Lately I combine my passion for Art, Graphic Design and Yoga.

Raíces de Ibiza, Cristina and Roger

Cristina and Roger have been the ‘cherry on the cake’ on our Retreats: they are just the perfect combination for our Yoga week: they are a fun and amazing professional team of what we call ‘conscious eating’. With more than 25 years cooking and experimenting, they are publishing their first cooking book during the spring.

They will surprise you every morning with all kind of recipes, from the most simple to the more elaborate, just using the best organic ingredients and lots of knowledge about nutrition and cooking. But probably the best ingredient is the love for what they do, and we promise: you can taste it.

Please check their site and enjoy!

Boris, Massage

Boris is one of the most desired masseurs in Ulpotha, Sri Lanka Retreat. We met him there and of course we are very happy to have him in our Ibiza Retreat in October. Win-win!

Boris is from Santiago, Chile, and first started practising Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in 2000. In 2002 he began training in different massage therapies, studying Ayurvedic massage in Mysore (India). He returned to India many more times to continue specializing in Ayurvedic massage and for additional Yoga training.

His love of bodywork led him to later study different massage techniques across the world including Chuaka and Body Harmony in Santiago (Chile), Sports Massage in Atlanta (USA), Traditional Thai and Thai Oil Massage in Chiang Mai (Thailand).

With this extensive background, Boris has developed his own intuitive massage technique which unlocks one’s energies through a physical therapy acting on the skeletal structure, muscle and tissue. The result is to liberate fears and burdens that are held inside the physical body, allowing it to recover its natural flexibility and resulting in pain relief and relaxation.

We work with friends because we believe in friendship.