Filmed in the most tranquil and unspoiled regions of Ibiza, “Less Is More” DVD is made up of 2 discs offering students flexibility and choice on how to learn and practice techniques combining Pilates and Yoga. 

“The Library”/ cd 1, is a series of floor based movements combining Pilates, Release Technique and Yoga and is designed to allow the time conscious to pick and mix postures and exercises to target specific areas of the body, including shoulders, hips, the back and hamstrings.  Each exercise is low impact, can be done without warming up and is perfect for all levels of yoga and for those looking for rehabilitation from injuries.
“The guided sequence”/ cd 2, is a 35 minute showreel of alternative stretches and some beneficial Yoga Postures shot in a way to give the viewer a seamless approach to Yoga. 

"Less is More" treats our bodies with respect and care, working in a soft way to ensure against injuries and to gradually increase strength and flexibility. The purpose of the sequences in the "Less is More" dvd's is to allow the body's joints, respiratory systems, circulation and nervous systems to become more open and fluid, giving a feeling of well being, boosting our immune systems and calming our minds, allowing us to become more in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings.

What people said about "Less is More":

DVD music had been composed and performed by Morten Vilhelm Keller