James DeMaria studied Classical Ballet at Central School of Ballet and completed his diploma in Dance at The London Contemporary Dance School. He spent his final year doing company classes with Siobhan Davis Dance Company (1988), expanding his awareness of release technique through the guidence of Lauren Potter, Gill Clarke and Paul Douglas. Also in this year, he studied Pilates with Alan Herdman and before studying Yoga, qualified as a personal trainer.
He danced with Ricochet Dance company, Mathew Hawkins, Yolande Snaith, Laurie Booth, Russell Maliphant, Second Stride and has performed at The Royal Opera House and The English National Opera.
After 10 years as a dancer/choreographer, he began studying Astanga Vinyasa Yoga with Alex Madim. Eventually, this personal passion led to teaching at City University and numerous locations in London. He has spent the last 16 years based in Ibiza and has been sharing his knowledge of Yoga to people all over the world.
Using a choreographic background to breakdown the fluidity of Asana, movement and breath, James combines elements of Dance, Pilates, Release Technique and Yoga to create a balanced style for everyone.

His philosophy...
There is no 'one size fit's all' Yoga and James' philosophy takes on a broad perspective.
Sharing and blending his knowledge of Dance, Pilates, release technique and Yoga to create Yoga for the individual, Yoga for life's journey to empower and enhance all aspects of our existence. This is Yoga to create independence, not dependency...even if, in the end we are all 'inter-dependant'!
James' work stresses the importance of Breath (Pranayama) and gentleness....not fighting or pushing but through listening, becoming more aware of the breath of life: this vital energy which kick starts our body's breathing and many vital circulatory systems. Also working with hand Mudras (Classical Indian hand/finger positions) and breath, we can boost our immune systems, state of being and quality of life.
Through life we may experience physical injuries, shock traumas and negative emotions which can stay in our bodies, building tension and leading to stress and possible illness. Our movements can become limited and it can take the sparkle from our souls. Our hectic lifestyles, poor quality foods, stressful work environments all contribute to produce bodies that are stiff and inflexible, often mirroring the inflexibility of our minds and affecting our outlook on life.